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At Sierra Village, we’ve been helping families navigate the transition to senior living for more than two decades. Transitions can be hard, and families just beginning to look into senior living often have more questions than answers. We’re here to provide info and tips so you can make the best decision for your family.

Frequently asked questions:

Is it time to consider senior living?

Each of our residents had their own reasons for moving to Sierra Village. But over the years, several common themes have surfaced among the families we’ve worked with. Click read more for a list of common things we hear from seniors who were ready to transition to senior living.

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  • I don’t feel safe being home alone any more
  • I feel like I’m too far from medical care
  • I’m tired of maintaining this old house 
  • I love this house, but it feels too big for me now
  • I wish I had more time to focus on the things I love
  • I wish I had more social opportunities with people in my stage of life
  • I’m worried about my spouse being protected if something happened to me
  • I don’t want my family to feel burdened taking care of me

If your loved one has begun to express any (or several of) the above concerns, it might be time to look further into senior living.

See for yourself

It’s never too early to learn more about senior living. Even if your loved one is not quite ready to make a transition, we encourage you to come see Sierra Village for yourself — so that you can make an informed decision about our community when the time comes.

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What kind of care is right?

No two seniors are the same, so a one-size-fits-all living arrangement doesn’t work. Sierra Village provides both independent and assisted living facilities, allowing residents to choose a living arrangement that fits their needs and preferences. 

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Choosing the right kind of care

Independent Living is a great option for seniors who want to live independently without being bogged down by burdensome responsibilities. Sierra Village balances community involvement with autonomy and privacy, allowing our residents to choose the lifestyle they want.

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For seniors who could benefit from help with daily tasks like taking daily medication or getting dressed, we also offer Assisted Living. Our caregivers provide friendly, practical help whenever residents need it, and privacy when they don’t. 

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See for yourself

Come see if either of our living arrangements is a fit for your loved one. Schedule a tour of Sierra Village today.

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How do I choose the right community?

We believe that seniors should feel comfortable in their community — and comfort isn’t something that you always feel when looking at a web page. An in-person visit is usually the best way to determine if a senior community like Sierra Village would be a good fit.

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How much does senior living cost?

Sierra Village offers a range of private homes and a fully staffed assisted living facility to accommodate different kinds of needs. Each of our homes is unique, so exact pricing depends on living arrangement or size of home. Please contact us for a detailed pricing sheet.

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Note that we currently have a waiting list for some units. All applications are handled in the order they are received, but we give priority to foundational church members.

If you feel that your loved one’s lifestyle or needs cannot be met by Sierra Village, we are happy to refer you to one of the other outstanding senior care facilities in the area.

How do you start a conversation about senior living with a loved one?

Starting a conversation with a loved one about moving to a senior community can be intimidating. We’ve been helping families navigate this subject for more than two decades and can offer advice and share what we’ve seen work in the past.

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Starting a conversation about senior living

Starting a conversation with a loved one about moving to a senior community can be intimidating. We’ve been helping families navigate this subject for more than two decades and can offer advice and share what we’ve seen work in the past.

A great step

While starting a conversation about senior living might seem scary, it can be a rewarding first step toward an exciting new chapter in your loved one’s life. Once you have given them space to talk about their feelings, fears, hopes, and (most importantly) options, many seniors feel that a burden has been lifted and they can begin to move into the future.

Do your homework

Make sure to do your homework before you kick off a conversation about moving to a senior community. Do your research beforehand and (if possible) try to align other family members prior to discussing a potential move. No matter how your loved one reacts when you bring up the subject, preparation will help you keep the conversation headed in a positive direction.

Have the conversation

Timing can make or break a conversation. Don’t bring up the subject of senior living unless your loved one is in a relatively good mood and has time and energy to engage. Try to stay as positive as possible. If you speak from a place of fear or accusation, the conversation likely will not be productive. Share your perspective from a place of love and understanding, and then show your love and respect by listening when they respond — even if they disagree. 

Typically, we see one of two different reactions from seniors when they are first asked about moving to a senior living community. Some are excited about the possibility of a better life. Others feel anxious or overwhelmed by the idea of leaving familiarity. Both of these reactions are common and they are not necessarily a reflection on whether you “did the conversation right.”

No matter how your loved one reacts, remember that large decisions like these usually take a bit of time. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself or your loved one. You are all part of a family and you are on a journey together. Even if the journey seems bumpy at times, you’re still travelling together — and that’s most important.

What’s the next step?

Oftentimes, starting a conversation is the most difficult step. But it’s still just one step in a journey. You’ll most likely have lots of discussions with your loved one before you can arrive at a decision about senior living. 

We’re here to help

If you’d like to discuss the unique situation facing your family, we’d love to help you. One of our experienced staff can help you answer questions.

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Other questions?

Please let us know if you’d like more detail on any of the above topics or have other questions we didn’t cover here. We’d be happy to help you navigate this time in your life.

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See for yourself

Schedule a tour to see if Sierra Village is a fit for you.

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